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Reviewed Biofuel Links

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Directory 
A huge links collection from Gary Noe, physics instructor at Virginia Wesleyan College. A true "A to Z" resource: "ABCs of AFVs" to "Zero Pollution Motors." Some links appear to be old or 404.
The Ape Van 9 Sep '07 -- this link seems to be dead 
The sad tale of a band called "Ape" and their adventures converting a step van to burn vegoil. A cautionary tale about using GM diesels!
Biodiesel Discussion Forum 
A great place to meet other alternative energy enthusiasts and to get help or advice. Despite its name, there is an active section on straight vegetable oil, as well as smaller areas on solar, wind, hydrogen, etc. fuel. Also a classified section for buy/sell diesel vehicles and biodiesel processing equipment.
Biofuel Community 
Created and managed by "Girl Mark" (Maria Alovert), this is the site if you want to make biodiesel. Included are plans for the "Appleseed" processor I built and use, plus much more.
British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association 
A group advocating sustainable energy to Western Canadians and their government.
Frybrid link page 
A number of technical paper links about using vegetable oil in diesel engines.
Grease For Fuel 
A nice collection of links on biofuels, ecology, ecovillages, alternative energy, and more.
Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems 
This company sells conversion kits for allowing almost any diesel engine to run on straight vegetable oil.
Journey To Forever (biofuels) 
A lot of good information, and some I disagree with. Journey To Forever is an incredible resource on a number of topics besides biofuel, but they are strongly biased, and they dismiss many viable systems and solutions. Take with a grain of salt...
Utilization of Rapeseed Oil, Raepseed Oil Methyl Ester, or Diesel Fuel -- Exhaust Gas Emmissions and Estimation of Environmental Effects 
The only scientific paper I've found that compares SVO, biodiesel, and diesel fuels for emissions. (Summary: SVO and biodiesel perform similarly, and both are MUCH better than petro-diesel for everything except NOX, which is slightly higher.)
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