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Who Can Do What?

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anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 

Certain actions require certain state.

  • The only way to create a new edition is from a version.

  • The only way to release a class is into an app or subapp that is an edition.

  • Only class versions may be released.

  • For a component to be versioned (thereby locking it from changing), all of its components must be versioned.

  • When you want to change one little part of a versioned component (e. g., a method in a class version), you must first make editions (unlock) all of the containers above it.

  • You can make class editions in a special kind of app or subapp edition called a scratch edition .. ENVY does not maintain any version history for scratch editions. They are meant to be a temporary, short lived, convenience for the programmer.

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