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Shared Repository

(This is a slide show. You really won't get 
anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 


  • The repository is an OTI proprietary database. On UNIX systems it is managed by a process called emsrv , which runs on the server with the repository. Each user image is connected to the repository when the image is started up.

  • Since it is a database, there are some fields that are under developer control. One can create a user field for applications, for example, that enable you to store drawings as part of the documentation for the application.

Concurrent development

  • When a developer saves a new version of a method, you can see it immediately, and load it into your image. This is also true for new versions of classes, and other software components.

  • Unless specifically restricted by an application manager, any developer can work on any class in any application.

  • There are controls that prevent these "conflicting" versions of classes from being harmful; indeed they are often desirable.

  • No change made by another developer affects your image until you load the code.

Atomic Loads/Unloads

  • Loadability analysis is performed before load is attempted.

  • You no longer have the equivalent of a file-in that "breaks in the middle" (for exception, see ENVY Advanced Topics).

  • Classes and Applications can be atomically unloaded from your image. Unloadability analysis is performed before unload begins.

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