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Re-Integration Needs

(This is a slide show. You really won't get 
anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 

- Re-integration is necessary for "spiral" development cycle. Traditional "waterfall" development has only one integration, thus it can be big, costly, and painful. To successfully increase the frequency of integration, it must be small, inexpensive, and painless -- and it must take place on a personal basis, not only via some guru integrator.

- Support "expand contract" development pattern. This means that removal of code is a necessary part of development. Using only vendor supplied tools, it is difficult or impossible to accurately and painlessly remove code from Smalltalk.

- Changes between arbitrary development cycles must be quickly and easily identified.

- Once changes have been identified, it must be quick and simple to select which of two versions to include in the new version.

- Differencing tools must function at all levels -- not simply the difference between two methods versions, but what methods are different in two class versions, etc.

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