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Cultural Needs

(This is a slide show. You really won't get 
anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 

Better procedures and code management tools do not replace good communication. In fact OO increases, not decreases the need for effective group dynamics.

Re-use must be rewarded; massive volumes of new code should be discouraged. Incentives can be monetary, emotional, social. One shot monetary rewards ("Reuser of the Month" bonus) are more effective -- and more easily justified to upper management -- than salary increases. Peer praise is more effective than peer pressure.

"Play time" -- time spent exploring the system -- should be tolerated or even encouraged. Monthly "brown bag" sessions should be held to propagate serendipitous discoveries. "Browsing for re-use" is fundamentally different than "play time": the former tends to find methods, the latter tends to find solution patterns.

Adopt "expand contract" development cycle, which rewards developers for conceptual integrity and craftsmanship as well as productivity.

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