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Spiral Development Activity

(This is a slide show. You really won't get 
anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 
Here, the spiral development activity departs radically from the proscribed waterfall analog. However, it is not so much revolutionary, as an acknowledgment of the way things really work in the waterfall world.
  1. Conceptual specifications are partitioned into functional subsystems capable of carrying out a workable portion of the concept. Conceptual specifications always deal in "what must be accomplished," never in "how we accomplish something." Such "conceptual integrity provides a major enabler for reuse." [Schultz 9406]
  2. Dependencies (or responsibilities) between these subsystems are identified, constrained by the minimum necessary integration with existing systems.
  3. Individual subsystems are prototyped in dependent order, so that each one can be tested independently.
  4. After prototyping, new concepts and possible subsystems are identified, which are rapidly accepted and are integrated, or rejected, or partially accepted.
  5. Certain commonality is identified (subject to time constraints), and the resulting subsystems are contracted into common reusable units.
Your organization's needs will most certainly impact this activity, although it is crucial in the long run to have a "contract" activity; this is the most likely source of re-usable solutions.
Let's look one step deeper into the spiral activity that actually produces the working code.

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