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Quality Assurance

(This is a slide show. You really won't get 
anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 
- Other project managers are suspicious about changing established procedures, and the quality of the result is where they most often express their discomfort. This must be pre-empted with an aggressive and effective quality plan, tightly integrated into the OO development process.
- System-level testing should be easier if a continuous-testing process is adopted. If a separate testing group is customary, train them in Smalltalk so they can better characterize problem reports.
- If design documentation is maintained in the repository with the code, it should be relatively simple to surpass previous design documentation quality. Documentation is updated continuously, as the design and code change.
- Continuous testing takes place as the code is written. Continuous integration means that others begin using code as soon as it is first tested and reviewed.
- Continuous peer review process catches problems earlier, when they are less expensive to correct. (And less embarrassing!)
- The combination of continuous documentation, continuous review, continuous testing, and continuous integration results in continuous quality improvement. In this case, traditional system level testing is trivial.

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