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Organizational Needs

(This is a slide show. You really won't get 
anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 
- Smalltalk is not a panacea! Its gains must be carefully pursued, and impediments to its gains must be carefully managed. "It is as easy to write bad code in Smalltalk as in any other language." [Steinman 9209.2]
- How do you know if Smalltalk has been helpful? Gut feelings are difficult to communicate to upper management.
- Sorry Mr. Crosby, quality is not free. If quality is not pursued in every development activity, it will not happen.
- Corporate standards, mandates, and customs will get in the way. Plan for it and make pre-emptive strikes against "this is the way we do things" thinking.
- A known process must exist and be followed. It can start out informally, it can evolve and change, but it must be there. Chaotic development develops chaos.

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