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Who Are We?

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anything out of it unless you have a graphical web browser with graphics turned 

Jan's highlights:

  • Began with Ada and Booch's methodolgy as a consultant to IBM's Federal Systems Division in 1982
  • Hired with Tektronix to implement Smalltalk on their workstations in 1984
  • Led Smalltalk projects with ten or more collaborating Smalltalk developers
  • Built Smalltalk "groupware" tools: RCS interface, dependency manager, make managed image build
  • Co-founder, Bytesmiths, 1990
  • Nominal project leader on several client Smalltalk teams
  • ENVY customizations:
    • Code quality measurement
    • Foreign language support
    • Integrated project documentation into ENVY, including drawing support and FrameMaker output
    • Task/bug management tools

Barbara's highlights:

  • Began Smalltalk at Tektronix in 1985
  • Developed software to automatically generate class library documentation from the work of Smalltalk developers
  • Worked on a "Team Tools" project that fostered group Smalltalk development throughout Tektronix
  • Co-founder, Bytesmiths, 1990
  • Inter-team liaison and integrator for twelve Smalltalk developers
  • Established corporate re use standards and procedures for over 100 Smalltalk developers
  • Converted many teams to ENVY, training, assisting in porting
  • Established project environment & procedures
  • Developed custom ENVY modi cations

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