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DesignFest '97


newWhat's New?

What is DesignFest?

When is DesignFest?

The Design Problems


How to Register

Important Dates

What's New?

There are reports available from some of the team recorders of DesignFest '97.

Peter Kriens provides a summary of the '97 event and the evaluation forms completed by DesignFest participants.

Not So New: To give you an idea of what goes on at DesignFest, we've put a small photo album from DesignFest '96 on the web.

What is DesignFest?

The OOPSLA 97 DesignFest celebrates the importance of design and creativity of designers. This year we will repeat the successful event of the past two OOPSLAs.

You will work in small groups to solve a particular design problem, bringing to bear your experience in object oriented design and/or in working on similar problems. The goal is to learn new techniques from each other and to uncover and articulate the analysis and design patterns that we already use subconsciously.

We will provide a timetable, process hints and a list of deliverables to give you a framework for your design efforts. During the design session you will get a chance to compare your work with other groups' and use this information to improve your group's design.

Each group will have a moderator and a recorder. The recorder is responsible for reporting about what the group has achieved in design and what they have learned. The moderator is responsible for making sure that the group makes progress, without directing the group into a certain direction.

We especially encourage people with strong opinions about how to solve these problems to apply. The design fest is not a design class nor a tutorial. We are looking for experienced designers who want to measure their skills with peers, and learn one or two things in the process.

If you are more interested in observing, but still want to participate, then please volunteer as moderator or recorder.

This web site will be updated to indicate if the DesignFest is full before OOPSLA. Space is very limited because of the rooms we have assigned to us, so it is best to apply early.

When is DesignFest?

DesignFest will be held on Sunday, October 5, and Tuesday, October 7. The design teams will be assigned to a time slot on either Sunday or Tuesday. Later in the week the results of DesignFest will be presented on posters, and there will be a conference panel presentation.

The Design Problems

One of the key components in this event is the actual problems worked by the design teams. In the past problem descriptions were submitted to the organizing committees on a word-of-mouth/invitation basis. This year the DesignFest organizing committee is inviting you to submit your own favorite design problem to be worked by one or more design teams at OOPSLA.

Problems will be selected based on the clarity and quality of the problem descriptions and how well they fit into the scope of the half-day or full-day DesignFest sessions. Problem abstracts and summaries of the solutions generated at DesignFest will be published on the DesignFest web site after the conference.

Prospective problem authors should follow the guidelines for problem descriptions. If you are interested in team reports from DesignFest '96, check them out.

Problem descriptions should be submitted via e-mail (ASCII format only) to Peter Kriens (

The problem titles for this year's event are:

Design Team Reports


The Guidelines for problem authors, moderator, recorder, and the suggested process for teams during DesignFest are available. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

How to Register

October 2, 1997: We are no longer accepting registrations for DesignFest '97 via this web site. Go to the Information Booth at OOPSLA to sign up on-site.

Important Dates

April 1, 1997

Problem Submission Deadline

April 29, 1997

DesignFest Description for Advance Program:
will include preliminary problem titles

July 17, 1997

Begin accepting registrations through this web site

July 20, 1997

DesignFest Description for Final Program:
will include final list of problem titles

August 20, 1997

Notification of participants

October 2, 1997

Close of online participant registrations for DesignFest

October 5, 1997

DesignFest Day 1--Full Day 8:30-5:00

October 7, 1997

DesignFest Day 2--Half Day 1:30-5:00

DesignFest '97 Organizers

Peter Kriens, aQute (DesignFest '97 Organizing Committee Chairperson)
Jonathan R. Engelsma, Motorola
Bruce Klein, Grand Valley State University
Barbara Yates, Bytesmiths

This site was last updated: January 7, 1998.

If you discover any errors, please send email to DesignFest Webmaster.

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