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Bandwidth Conservation

Are you tired of the "world wide wait?" Do you get bored, drumming your fingers while some over-designed website occasionally graces your screen with some small segment of a page? Do you go fix a cup of coffee just after clicking on certain links?

It doesn't have to be this way. I've designed my pages to load quickly over a dial-up modem connection, and if there's something big and slow that I want to share, I try to warn you beforehand. I meticulously hand-optimize my web pages to increase your viewing speed.

What does this mean? For one thing, I concentrate on content, rather than "eye candy." I stay away from cutesy animations. I compress the heck out of my images, using excellent, third-party tools. My goal is that almost all my pages -- including those with large images -- will load over a dial-up modem in ten seconds or less.

So if my site seems a bit unsophisticated by today's web standards, note how zippy it is, then ask yourself just what is sophistication, anyway? And relax from all that caffine you aren't drinking!

Some Internet Bandwidth Utilization Resources

(Note that some of these sites do not practice what they preach... :-)

The Bandwidth Conservation Society
Summus: the compression challenge
End user bandwidth conservation
Bandwidth conservation guide
Tips for conserving bandwidth
The Good, Bad, and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly
Bandwidth, ECRC, Bremerton, WA
Web Pages That Suck
Log off and save cyberspace
First Cycle Art Gallery
Cyber Crisis

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